Club Info

Our longest standing member has been part of the club since 1984, although, the club has been around for some years prior to this.

We have around 27 members from ages 15 upwards, with each member having the chance to represent us in official matches (if they choose), in the Gloucestershire Badminton League. In order to do so, you become a member of Badminton England, gaining access to restricted tournaments across the country, discounts and offers on equipment and early entry to world championships as spectators.

The Gloucestershire Badminton League is composed of Badminton clubs located in Gloucestershire where they can submit as many teams as they wish, so long as there are enough people to represent that team. The submitted teams are put into a division system, which usually contains up to 6 teams per division depending on the number of entries that year with the opportunity to advance through the divisions based on your teams’ performance. The categories for the teams are: Mixed, Men’s and Women’s.

Our club size has allowed us to put for 3 mixed teams (each compiled of 6 players) and 2 men’s and women’s teams (each with 4 players) for the 2015/2016 season. If you did decide to play competitively after the teams have been selected, you can automatically play for our last team in your chosen category, (as long as you are registered).

There is no official coaching at this club. However, some of our members have plenty of experience; whether it is from the number of years they have played or because they have been involved in county badminton; are more than willing to give you advice/tips on how to improve your game, if requested.

So feel free to join us from 7pm till 9pm every Monday night at Beaufort Academy!