Membership and Fees

Below you can find all our different prices, what they can get you and how to join!



Guest Fees £5 p/night** £2.50 p/night**
Season Fees £125 £65
Match Fees £4 p/match £2.50 p/match
Summer Club £5 p/night £2.50 p/night


Our season is between September and April, with matches starting straight away. Members are able to join all year round, in or out of season.

For anyone interested in joining we offer 3 trial nights, all you have to do is pay the guest fee relevant to you and come along to get a feel for the club. This will also give us a chance to see your ability as well. At any point during the trial, feel free to speak to Scott, Venessa or Nicki (secretary, treasurer and chairman) about joining to give you the chance to play in matches for the club, become a captain for your team or even join the committee!

Playing matches will usually last for just over 2 hours for Mixed nights, since games have the chance to go up to 3 matches, while Men’s and Women’s tend to last for about an hour and a half with no deciding third game played. This can vary depending on the venue due to some having more courts available than others.

Choosing to be a captain of one of these teams involves you getting the team together and making sure everyone knows when/where matches are, collecting match fees on the night and making sure that the match scores are submitted after to avoid disqualification. If you’re an active CV building, volunteering for captaincy is a very good way to show your leadership potential.

There are also multiple positions to go for on the committee as well, but these will be decided at the yearly AGM meetings at the end of the year. All members must attend if possible so they can be updated on how the club is performing. Some of the positions you could hold in the club are; Team Selection Committee, Shuttle Monitor, Social Secretary and the usual Club Secretary, Treasurer and Chairman.


**Once you join as a member by paying your season fee, your training nights are included. Therefore, from September to April, your Monday night badminton is included.